Making of a fabric is surely a long process which begins with the harvesting of the crops. These crops are then processed and are converted into thread and yarns. After that, multiple numbers of yarns are converted into a fabric. This fabric is designed and styled in different forms and patterns which attract people differently. Almost all industries are involved in the manufacturing of a fabric; be it the agricultural sector or an industrial sector. Fabric is either made naturally or synthetically. Then these fabrics are further divided on their respective categories like cotton, velvet, jersey, silk and denim. Fabrics are also customised depending upon their patterns and forms. Lot of different materials are made from fabric like bed spread, drapes, curtains, quilts and so on. Quilt is the kind of material that is made by the combination of two or more than two fabrics that are stitched together. In this article, we will be discussing about the fact that how many types of animal print quilting fabric in Australia are there.

Quilting fabric:

In the simplest words, quilting fabric can be defined as the type of fabric that is composed by the combination of two or more than two fabrics. As the fabric is multilayered so it is often used as a bed spread or as a blanket. A quilting fabric can be of any material but the most recommended ones are the quilts that are made up of cotton. The quilts that are made by the combination of linen and cotton are also considered as the good ones. It is said that those quilts are stitched at best which have sixty stitches per inch.

How many types of animal print quilting fabrics are there?

The sue of animal print on clothes wear, foot wear, bed spreads, blankets and other such objects have always been in vogue. Similarly, there are quilts that have the patterns of animal prints on them. Obviously, these patterns comprise of different kinds of animal prints. There are zebra printed quilts that have the white and black lined patter. Then you can find the cheetah printed quilts; which is one of the most commonly found patterns on different objects. The dog and cat claw’s printed quilts are the latest one in the market. Turquoise printed quilts, leopard printed quilts are some other such types of animal print quilting fabrics which are available in the market.


Fabric is made after processing it through number of stages but its processing does not finish here because after that, this fabric is made into different materials like bedspreads, blankets and so on. One such material is quilt fabric. Quilts are made up by the combination of two or more than two layers of fabrics that are stitched together to get a single perfect quilt. “Kaleido fabric” offers the best quality of animal print quilt fabrics. Wide variety of printed fabrics is available in the above mentioned store.